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$19,000 Gold Shoelaces

This item definitely falls under the category of “who in the world would buy this?” This set of Gold Shoelaces costs $19,000 and will really make your new Nike’s stand …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Imaginary Phone

Cell phones have come a long way from the “brick” that we started to see in the 1980s to the smart phone’s we see today such as Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Princess Beatrice’s Hat

One of the things that amazed me about this past month’s Royal Wedding of Will and Kate was that all the ladies with the exception of maybe one wore hats. …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Imperial Color

You wouldn’t think that wearing a certain color would be a sign of wealth, but wearing tyrian purple was often a sign of wealth in the past. Tyrian purple, also …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Most Expensive Metal

The most popular precious metals are gold and silver. While gold isn’t very cheap, it seems like a bargain in comparison to the world’s most expensive precious metal that sells …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Luxury Custom Stationary

We all know expensive cars, hand bags, shoes, diamonds, but luxurious paper? That’s right, Allie Munroe, creates custom stationary and packaging for your events, holiday get togethers or even your …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Custom Luxury Dog Houses

Even if you’re Bill Gates, this is the kind of luxury you feel particularly crappy about indulging in during a recession. That is, if you have a heart for anything …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Tony Hayward’s Attorney Bill

You think you’re rich? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Tony Hayward, CEO of BP who is responsible for the largest oil spill in US history, has a pretty ugly bill …Continue reading » Continue reading

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Millionaire Raffling Off His Life

The local school’s raffle has some serious competition.  Newly divorced Millionaire banker Andrew Paul wants to raffle off his life. Andrew Paul, 38, is looking to ‘make a fresh start’ …Continue reading » Continue reading

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