Skullcandy Supreme Sound Launch, Paris


Mama Shelter in Paris is divine; simple, chic and in one of Paris’ hottest neighbourhoods – East Paris. But this post isn’t about the incredible Mama Pizza’s or the most homely lounge/dining room/terrace area in a hotel I have ever been to. No, it is about the Skullcandy Supreme Sound launch in East Paris – where I was a guest – but we did stay here, and yes, I will be staying again.

Back to Skullcandy. When I was invited I asked a colleague about the brand and his response was not favourable but not altogether tragic. The problem that the brand is had, I understand, has been very popular with the cool kids, stemmed from its following with the extreme sport crowed, and sort of lost its away in terms of quality but retained a great sense of aesthetic. It does happen with a lot of brands but often they realise too late and fail too soon, but not Skullcandy. They have recognised this issue and have bought the design and technological development back in house in the USA’s Midwest region with Director of Electrical and Acoustical Engineering, Dr Testuro Oishi (pictured below) heading up this re-establishment of authority. 

The explosion in popularity of headphones, particularly those by a certain rapper and producer, have not helped competitor brands. But I asked what made the new Supreme Sound range better than those produced with the second letter of the alphabet emblazoned on them, and the response was simply, quality. Dr Oishi is one of the very few ‘golden ears’ in the world which means he can establish the perfect sound and pitch through natural aural means, making him a great asset to consumers who, like me, search for the right headphones that combine incredible style and ideal acoustics. 

I was one of three other journalists from the UK – the others being from Clash, Stuff and Shortlist – who were fed and over-watered at the quirky and atmospheric surroundings of the Gallery Madga Danysz in East Paris. I loved the artwork (pictured below) and the food was absolutely delicious – so long as I could chew it. To be honest, it was very warm inside and lovely outside so we decamped onto the pavement where the party was soon being visited by the police due to the level of noise. Not from us, but from tunes by MIM and ENTEK, as well as KHALID and CHOKOLATE – all mixing up hip-hop, dub step and electro. 

Luckily the event was not closed down but we were soon being whisked to Le Nouveau Casino for the Skullcandy Supreme Sound after party (pictured bottom) where the guests drunk over 100 bottles of champagne. I was a little over-champagned so we all headed back to the hotel in search of a cold, French beer. We found – at a little bar opposite – and was joined later by half of the press and Skullcandy team from all over Europe who nursed a few of Paris’ best, cold, beers. 

After vowing to get up at 8am and head into Central Paris, which of course didn’t happen, we headed to explore the surroundings and have a little lunch before the Eurostar back to London. It couldn’t have come sooner as I needed to rest my well partied and over-drunk head however it was done in celebration of supreme sound. 

Enjoy the pictures below and check out the hottest brand ambassadors that any company would be proud to have here, showing that Skullcandy Supreme Sound is not just for the cool kids, but for the best artists too.

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