CAT Footwear x James Long & Martine Rose

Most commonly associated with the building trade, but more recently a growing number of influencers, Cat footwear is supporting James Long and Martine Rose during the NEWGEN MEN salon and Fashion Forward London Fashion Week AW12 shows. Taking place on Menswear Day – next Wednesday – both collections take inspiration from the Cat heritage however we will have to wait to see the full collection. 

The profile above and below are from James Long, who was recently awarded the Fashion Forward prize. James Long is the first menswear designer ever to receive the accolade and recipients of the Fashion Forward award are selected for their highly credible and innovative collections. The highly anticipated Cat x James Long capsule footwear collection will be showcased for the first time, alongside his highly acclaimed menswear line.
This is the second season Martine Rose is collaborating with Cat and will be hosting her first solo catwalk show. Previously part of the MAN collective,  her involement with NEWGEN MEN is testament to her creativity and sense of traditionalism, as you can see from one of her profiles below. 

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