Hermes’ $490 Plush Toy. C’est Ridicule!

Just what to give a spoiled brat.

Like many people, I thought the over-the-top conspicuous consumption that defined the last few years was over. In the wake of our sinking economy, even the wealthy are learning to draw in their horns and keep a more modest profile. That’s why the news that French luxury house Hermes (HRMS) has just uncorralled a $490 plush toy horse just seem so, um, gauche.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of Hermes and applaud well-made luxurious items that are designed to be timeless as well as useful. But, I mean, $490 for a little toy horse? This really raises my hackles. It would have been vulgar a few years ago but now it’s just downright offensive. Barf.

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